At the top of Shushan mountain, there is light smoke and mist, and the spirit is overflowing. Under the mysterious scenery of the East, there are a pair of wings common to Western magic stories. Will you feel like entering in disorder for a moment? Such a combination of Chinese and Western scenes, the PK mobile Tour "fairy cultivation" of the beautiful fairy Xia appears in an extremely harmonious manner. Without him, only because the wings in the game can not only attract the attention of all parties, but also have a great relationship with the survival of the fighting force, it is naturally a pair of hands.

One immortal and one sword fight alone in the world.

Existence is reasonable. In the Oriental fantasy world, the existence of wings seems unreasonable, but if these wings are of great help to combat power, I believe that all the immortal heroes will not choose to refuse. In the game, there are various forms of wings. Different wings have different attributes such as Qi and blood, defense, attack and so on. So when you choose, whether you look at the beauty or the price performance depends on whether you pay more attention to colluding with fairies or protecting yourself in the game.

Many attributes attached to a feather are not immutable. You can also upgrade its attributes by using the spirit of a feather. Of course, the level of the wing is not the same. It can be upgraded to level 10 by using special materials. The combat power and shape of level 10 are different from that of level 1.

People say that they love beauty but don't envy immortals, but they often sleep in the dream of immortality. It's just because the immortals are so ethereal that they attract countless people to ask for immortality. They are eager to step into the fairway and live forever. If you want to touch the fairy dream in a short distance, the fairy cultivation is undoubtedly the best choice for you. The cool wing system helps you to ascend the fairy kingdom and touch the fairyland.