"Reincarnation in the immortal realm" is a RPG mobile game of Xianxia. The game has realistic scenes, excellent pictures, long stories and endless love. All kinds of map scenes can be selected by you, including the underwater world, the misty Lingshan mountain, the scenery of the Northern Kingdom, thousands of miles of ice, and thousands of miles of snow. In the performance of the game screen, the traditional Xianxia art forms such as battle, PVP and so on are displayed incisively and vividly, giving you unprecedented sensory impact. More riding pet, adventure, Yuan Shen accompany you to travel in the hot blood of the lake, open a new journey!

[game features]

*Adventure through the ages*

Random jump, personal adventure, adventure explosive loading, rare props random access, as long as you want the eternal adventure waiting for you!

*Realistic picture quality multiple scenes*

Super first-class art team work together to create, not stick to one style, redefine the realistic Xianxia style, shocking skills and effects, high control of details, strive to create a real world of immortal swordsman, and realize your dream of immortal knight errant.

*Handsome and immortal*

Cool mount, flying up to the moon, falling to the sea of stars. Take you to the most real Xianxia world!

*Yuelao matchmaker takes off the bill in one second*

Linglu car, hang up at leisure. Under the osmanthus trees.

The world of mortals, lovers knot, joys and sorrows, red line in hand.

The couple of Phoenix and Phoenix, the sound of mandarin duck. Tao is not clear but clear.

It's like a dish, a broken mirror, a fisherman, a woodcutter and a river.

There is no need for the moon to tie the knot, since the marriage of drama love!