"命运卷轴" is a 3D role-playing Tour Based on Western magic.

Gorgeous skills, diverse systems, special effects, soundtracks, models, let you feel the original dark world.

Six battle scrolls and eight auxiliary scrolls create a new scroll magic. You can match it freely, create your own routine, let you ride the dark continent, fight against the ultimate devil.

Subvert the world and destiny

Embark on the road of destiny, and interpret the new definition of "hero".

Understand the scroll magic and gallop on the dark continent

Embark on a journey to dominate their own destiny

[game features]

[super map] 15 characteristic areas, 15 kinds of characteristic customs, free to explore, unknown journey, etc.

[characteristic system] a scroll of magic, special commandment and blessing, equipped with divine casting, blessed by goddess, to create the strongest attribute, to resist the enemy, kill the devil and dominate the party.

[wonderful challenge] an abyssal tower activates the abyssal force, forging the king's cloak in the secret world. Extreme challenge. 1v1battle, how dare you fight?

[more benefits] a good gift every day, a good gift every day; in the welfare hall, there are always surprises waiting for you; it's a good deal to get together, and the heavyweight benefits are all here!