The painting style of "magic spirit" is exquisite and realistic, and the unique exploration background of the underground city meets the players' desire for adventure; the extensive cross server interactive play method and friend making mechanism make your friends all over the world and fight for glory together!

At the same time, the rich image and treasure collection system allows players to express their personality, learn more about classical culture and transfer positive energy.

Product features:

[inherit classics and promote culture]

The plot of the game is centered on the protection of cultural relics and the collection of historical treasures. You will visit the underground ancient cities from the perspective of modern people and start a legendary adventure!

The unique treasure house system not only satisfies your desire to collect, but also gradually presents a colorful world of historical treasures for you!

[image changing, free trade]

Guard, Baibao, compass, array, hairstyle and other rich shape systems can meet your personalized customized image needs. In addition, there are rich fashion, weapon dyeing programs for you to choose!

These rare images can be obtained through daily play, with a high explosion rate! It is not a dream for common players to become rich overnight!

[hands free, hang up easily]

Unique experience distribution system, whether you are online or not, will give you regular experience distribution!

The intelligent hang up operation mode makes you more relaxed and free hands, which is the good news for the increasingly busy office workers!

[make friends and show honor]

The game social networking takes the guild as the core carrier, breaks through the traditional server restrictions, and greatly strengthens the interaction between servers. The glory of the strong will be displayed in a larger group!

You can not only continuously improve your own strength, but also win more glory with wisdom through the way of group land cooperation!