Angel battle song is the latest MMORPG mobile game launched in the summer of 2019. The game takes the European and American myth as the background, breaks the barriers of time and space, and creates a magnificent world of human, dragon, Warcraft, spirit and many other races. There are four kinds of vocations in the song of Angels: dragon warrior, mage mentor, demon hunter and summoner. Each vocation has two talent systems to choose freely. Eight kinds of vocations let you have a new experience every time. While exploring the world to the fullest, you can also enjoy the pain and pleasure of chaos and strife between hundreds of people on the same screen, so as to fight for the ultimate glory in the end; with interaction and real-time fighting as the core, you can provide a lot of real-time fun playing methods, which are novel and changeable in fighting, and rich in playability.

One sentence introduction:

1. Angel reappearance, war song, create magic new life!

2. The magic is rampant, the fantasy is boundless, the alien expeditions retreat the strong enemies together!

3. Enjoy the support of angels and guard the order of nature and elements

Game features:

[four major professions] - warrior, mage tutor, demon hunter and summoner, each profession has two major talent systems to choose freely, and eight types let you have a new experience every time.

[changeable adorable pet] - 25 kinds of cute pets are waiting for you to activate. You can freely combine the best lineup, and the play method of awakening variation is changeable.

[alien expedition] - explore alien, unlock new content, challenge alien enemies, and gain huge amount of upgraded materials.

[artifact plus body] - activate the four artifact, wear all kinds of artifact equipment, and end the battle with the force of rolling.

[chaos and chaos] - peak duel, Titan boss, 100 guild members fighting with the screen.

[interactive communication] - add friends and enemies with one click, give each other good gifts, add friendship together, and form team copies to face strong enemies together