"What is the nature of the existence of the world? Why do we exist here? " When the real world and the heterogeneous world are intertwined, the superpowers face the intricate organization, and the visions in the city appear frequently, and gradually reveal the truth behind with courage and wisdom

Urban fantasy MMO mobile game "magic contract", changing personality shape, diversified cultivation strategies, enjoying the blood battle, and experiencing the urban legend of the super power!

[game scenario]

In this world, busy urban life seems ordinary and boring. In fact, a huge disaster is approaching humanity

It is said that there is a race of gifted powers. They master the abilities of magic control, space power, blood control, defense and so on. They are called the saits by historians. In ancient times, Seth human beings fought against each other in pursuit of more powerful power, and Seth almost fell into destruction. But as the world's incredible events come to light, many people suspect that the setes are not dead. They may be walking with us and living in the city

Will the satyr with super power maintain the world's peace or make the world into a nightmare?

From that day on, time and space drifted, chaos and disorder, everything fell into nightmares. In order to save the innocent citizens and the originally ordered and beautiful world, the righteous heroes of Seth can only take up arms to fight against the mysterious monsters and trace the hidden secrets behind the crisis.

[game features]

Will the single competition fall? Club play makes countless little friends your strong backing!

Help Qiling accompany, hand in hand romantic love, cool car, write urban adventure story!

▼ unique PVP experience, crusade against boss to capture the best equipment, and you can't stop fighting!

▼ change your personality shape, develop various strategies, enjoy the battle of blood, and experience the urban legend of the super power!

Rich cultivation system to meet the strategic fun, but also experience the love play, hand in hand write a romantic chapter!

In this highly developed world, you can drive a sports car, have an intelligent optical instrument, assemble external armor, and have Laurie Cheryl with you!