"Don't delete my hero" is a pure three-country strategy card player tour, hang up and upgrade to play BOSS, 24 hours without stopping!

New Three Kingdoms, Alternative Fashion Deduction!

Various ways of playing are endless fun, giving you a vibrant and pleasant experience of the Three Kingdoms!

Lazy mode, easy hang up, upgrade and hit Boss, unified three countries at the same time at work

Q Meng Lovely Three Kingdoms General, Humorous NPC, Restore the True History of the Main Story

Exquisite cartoon rendering, smooth skeleton animation, vivid and lovely characters make people unable to extricate themselves from love

Want to attack the city and crown it as king? Want to kill the enemy and rule the battlefield? Come and open a new generation of the Three Kingdoms that belongs to you!

[Game features]

It's a new version you haven't played with.

One-click draw, SSR God will take home

Devil Three Kingdoms, can't stop at all

The Year of the Pig should be matched with military generals, and the Three Kingdoms should be refreshed for you to play.

Login 3 days to Zhao Yun, 7 days to Lv Bu

SSR card relies on pumping, unloading counts for me to lose