The swordsman ARPG tours the Swordsman Martial Arts Forest, taking the disputes between the Central Plains and the gods as the background, wandering the young swordsmen to seek the martial arts path, joining the WTO in a dream of a round river and lake, getting to know the blood, appreciating the world's most wonderful treasures, challenging the supremacy of righteousness and evil, and decrypting the power of the gods and the earth. With the confrontation of various forces and the ever-changing situation, who can withstand all kinds of experience and dominate Wulin?

Game features:

1. Touch the heartbeat of the rivers and lakes, experience the fierce struggle between the good and evil, and join the British in running the rivers and lakes. Declassify the plot behind the turbulence in Wulin, which is extremely evil to the enemy and the power of God and Earth.

2. [3D Panoramic Real-time Light and Shadow] Delicate 3D scenes, real-time light and shadows of characters'actions, sparkling water, wild birds and beasts and song, create a visual feast of the world of martial arts in an all-round way.

3. [Rivers and lakes confront the peak of a hundred battles] Rao-Tai competition, sectarian scuffle, cross-service confrontation, challenge BOSS, multi-blood PK game let players release their fighting enthusiasm.

4. [Breakthrough of Shengong Refinement and Chemistry Transfer] Experience the martial arts skills of the sect, more than ten kinds of internalized Qigong, multiple transfers to unlock the new Shengong, strong endless success.

5. Wulin Qibao came on the stage in full. The appearance of the town-dispatched divine soldiers was dazzling and the divine feats were superb.

6. The leopard, wolf, God and animal reappear and fight side by side in various shapes. The soul is filled with sprouting points.

7. [Offline Growth Easy Liver Protection] A new vertical version of the operation experience, farewell to the boring upgrade, offline experience can also be rewarded, easy growth game Jianghu.