Since the World War, the world has been destroyed and all the men have been killed. There are only princesses left. Do you choose to accept the reality or to fight actively? The fate of the future is in your hands!

Here you can gather all kinds of princesses to fight. Who says that women are inferior to men?

- Game Characteristics-

[There are many copies and plenty of people]

Five professions, six races, Roly or Royal Sister, pick you up!

Collect through customs, synthesize refinery. There are all kinds of ways you want to play.

[Offline upgrade, online upgrade]

My hero, fight for me, no buttons, automatic fight!

The strategy of idle time, hang up when busy, collect rewards anytime, anywhere!

[Play novelty, strategy first]

Different professions, different races, strategy team, match at will!

Listen to your call, let you dispatch, with their own strengths, attack each other's weaknesses!

[All of us are united in fighting back the boss]

Find partners, form alliances, seize resources, and complete allocation.

Together, attack the invaders!