Justice and evil, light and darkness, in order to protect their families, to find the original beautiful and peaceful home, vowed to destroy the abyss, for this reason, under the leadership of the coalition leader Arthur, the warriors with their courage and wisdom embarked on the journey of seeking powerful unknown power...

1. Greater atmosphere of combat, play a variety of ways, high playability.

In order to let players experience the real Western magic world better, in "Dark Hunter", players can choose to join "any camp in the game.

Game through the Legion will play between players "fight" to rise to the camp between the saw, experience more focused on cooperation with teammates to attack the city and grab land.

In the game, the player's country can also attract other forces to help fight, defend or compete for neutral territory.

2. Splendid Dancing Beauty

The addition of scene effects and weather system makes the atmosphere of the game even better. Flapping bonfires, bright moonlight, flying flowers and flags, snowflakes and flints coexist. Just like the dynamic stage of CCTV, the scenery is alive.