Epic-level fantasy travel masterpiece, ingenuity to create a classic Oriental Fantasy world! Three-frontier battlefields, peak competitions, the final battle of the imperial city, cross-dress siege and other brand-new PVP game on the line! Super cool operation experience, shocking skill strike effect, innovative real-time combat mode make you want to stop! There are more changeable warriors, strong gods, cool appearance, lovely Meng Chong in this world full of extreme Oriental fantasy, waiting for your arrival!

Game features:

[War will transform into a surge in strength]

There are many styles and attributes in the game. The warlord will choose and match. The warlord will pass on the strength of the warlord and acquire high injury skills. Among the most dazzling are the Dark Queen and the Chaotic Emperor, who are excellent partners for robbing BOSS and PVP.

[The gods help each other to show their magic power]

The super-strong gods of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, each of which carries exclusive active skills, are free to choose to go to battle. With the cultivation of God, it will also present different unique appearance, and all the attributes of God will give the protagonist a bonus. Come and wake up more gods!

[Competing for Deer and Jiuzhou Resources]

Which of the many copies has the highest resource output? That must be a trial copy of love! Not only are there too many copies, but also the output and quality are guaranteed, especially in Jiuzhou. Copies produce a large number of rare props, which is absolutely the strongest gospel of the hepatic party!

[Colourful appearance reveals the true self]

The appearance of the game is free to collocate with thousands of people. Various fashion styles, high attributes of Xuanbing, dazzling around the body, as well as super customized titles, plus highlighting the personality of the head frame and bubbles can definitely make you unique and become the focus of thousands of people.

The Glory Regiment invaded the city strategically.

Game is not a person's game, the sky is not a person's sky, there is a group of P called group warfare, there is a group warfare also known as cross-service siege! As a unique way of playing group warfare in the game, siege warfare needs to help the brothers unite to win the final victory and win more cities! Let's fight for glory! Fight for territory!