Have you ever seen the monsters and beasts described in the Sutras of Mountains and Seas? One day, these exotic animals will appear around you. You can not only catch them, but also fight and play with them.

In the Oriental mythological world, in such a real and fantastic dream, we call friends, get married and get rid of demons, and achieve an indissoluble bond one after another!

[Game features]

Heaven and earth are dark and yellow, ancient floods and famines

Enclosed all demons, criticize Chiyou, enclose the demon Temple gorgeous retrograde attack

Four Factions, Four Occupations and Unique Skills

Heavenly Emperor Treasury, Nuwa Guardian, Massive Copies Ultra High Explosion Rate

Gang struggle for hegemony, group PK, the strongest rivalry of affection and justice

Concluding Fairy Margin, Designing Three Lives, Sweet Interactive Real Friends