"Reincarnation in the immortal realm" is a RPG mobile game of Xianxia. The game has realistic scenes, excellent pictures, long stories and endless love. All kinds of map scenes can be selected by you, including the underwater world, the misty Lingshan mountain, the scenery of the Northern Kingdom, thousands of miles of ice, and thousands of miles of snow. In the performance of the game screen, the traditional Xianxia art forms such as battle, PVP and so on are displayed incisively and vividly, giving you unprecedented sensory impact. More riding pet, adventure, Yuan Shen accompany you to travel in the hot blood of the lake, open a new journey!

[game features]

*Adventure through the ages*

Random jump, personal adventure, adventure explosive loading, rare props random access, as long as you want the eternal adventure waiting for you!

*Realistic picture quality multiple scenes*

Super first-class art team work together to create, not stick to one style, redefine the realistic Xianxia style, shocking skills and effects, high control of details, strive to create a real world of immortal swordsman, and realize your dream of immortal knight errant.

*Handsome and immortal*

Cool mount, flying up to the moon, falling to the sea of stars. Take you to the most real Xianxia world!

*Yuelao matchmaker takes off the bill in one second*

Linglu car, hang up at leisure. Under the osmanthus trees.

The world of mortals, lovers knot, joys and sorrows, red line in hand.

The couple of Phoenix and Phoenix, the sound of mandarin duck. Tao is not clear but clear.

It's like a dish, a broken mirror, a fisherman, a woodcutter and a river.

There is no need for the moon to tie the knot, since the marriage of drama love!


At the top of Shushan mountain, there is light smoke and mist, and the spirit is overflowing. Under the mysterious scenery of the East, there are a pair of wings common to Western magic stories. Will you feel like entering in disorder for a moment? Such a combination of Chinese and Western scenes, the PK mobile Tour "fairy cultivation" of the beautiful fairy Xia appears in an extremely harmonious manner. Without him, only because the wings in the game can not only attract the attention of all parties, but also have a great relationship with the survival of the fighting force, it is naturally a pair of hands.

One immortal and one sword fight alone in the world.

Existence is reasonable. In the Oriental fantasy world, the existence of wings seems unreasonable, but if these wings are of great help to combat power, I believe that all the immortal heroes will not choose to refuse. In the game, there are various forms of wings. Different wings have different attributes such as Qi and blood, defense, attack and so on. So when you choose, whether you look at the beauty or the price performance depends on whether you pay more attention to colluding with fairies or protecting yourself in the game.

Many attributes attached to a feather are not immutable. You can also upgrade its attributes by using the spirit of a feather. Of course, the level of the wing is not the same. It can be upgraded to level 10 by using special materials. The combat power and shape of level 10 are different from that of level 1.

People say that they love beauty but don't envy immortals, but they often sleep in the dream of immortality. It's just because the immortals are so ethereal that they attract countless people to ask for immortality. They are eager to step into the fairway and live forever. If you want to touch the fairy dream in a short distance, the fairy cultivation is undoubtedly the best choice for you. The cool wing system helps you to ascend the fairy kingdom and touch the fairyland.


"命运卷轴" is a 3D role-playing Tour Based on Western magic.

Gorgeous skills, diverse systems, special effects, soundtracks, models, let you feel the original dark world.

Six battle scrolls and eight auxiliary scrolls create a new scroll magic. You can match it freely, create your own routine, let you ride the dark continent, fight against the ultimate devil.

Subvert the world and destiny

Embark on the road of destiny, and interpret the new definition of "hero".

Understand the scroll magic and gallop on the dark continent

Embark on a journey to dominate their own destiny

[game features]

[super map] 15 characteristic areas, 15 kinds of characteristic customs, free to explore, unknown journey, etc.

[characteristic system] a scroll of magic, special commandment and blessing, equipped with divine casting, blessed by goddess, to create the strongest attribute, to resist the enemy, kill the devil and dominate the party.

[wonderful challenge] an abyssal tower activates the abyssal force, forging the king's cloak in the secret world. Extreme challenge. 1v1battle, how dare you fight?

[more benefits] a good gift every day, a good gift every day; in the welfare hall, there are always surprises waiting for you; it's a good deal to get together, and the heavyweight benefits are all here!


The painting style of "magic spirit" is exquisite and realistic, and the unique exploration background of the underground city meets the players' desire for adventure; the extensive cross server interactive play method and friend making mechanism make your friends all over the world and fight for glory together!

At the same time, the rich image and treasure collection system allows players to express their personality, learn more about classical culture and transfer positive energy.

Product features:

[inherit classics and promote culture]

The plot of the game is centered on the protection of cultural relics and the collection of historical treasures. You will visit the underground ancient cities from the perspective of modern people and start a legendary adventure!

The unique treasure house system not only satisfies your desire to collect, but also gradually presents a colorful world of historical treasures for you!

[image changing, free trade]

Guard, Baibao, compass, array, hairstyle and other rich shape systems can meet your personalized customized image needs. In addition, there are rich fashion, weapon dyeing programs for you to choose!

These rare images can be obtained through daily play, with a high explosion rate! It is not a dream for common players to become rich overnight!

[hands free, hang up easily]

Unique experience distribution system, whether you are online or not, will give you regular experience distribution!

The intelligent hang up operation mode makes you more relaxed and free hands, which is the good news for the increasingly busy office workers!

[make friends and show honor]

The game social networking takes the guild as the core carrier, breaks through the traditional server restrictions, and greatly strengthens the interaction between servers. The glory of the strong will be displayed in a larger group!

You can not only continuously improve your own strength, but also win more glory with wisdom through the way of group land cooperation!


Angel battle song is the latest MMORPG mobile game launched in the summer of 2019. The game takes the European and American myth as the background, breaks the barriers of time and space, and creates a magnificent world of human, dragon, Warcraft, spirit and many other races. There are four kinds of vocations in the song of Angels: dragon warrior, mage mentor, demon hunter and summoner. Each vocation has two talent systems to choose freely. Eight kinds of vocations let you have a new experience every time. While exploring the world to the fullest, you can also enjoy the pain and pleasure of chaos and strife between hundreds of people on the same screen, so as to fight for the ultimate glory in the end; with interaction and real-time fighting as the core, you can provide a lot of real-time fun playing methods, which are novel and changeable in fighting, and rich in playability.

One sentence introduction:

1. Angel reappearance, war song, create magic new life!

2. The magic is rampant, the fantasy is boundless, the alien expeditions retreat the strong enemies together!

3. Enjoy the support of angels and guard the order of nature and elements

Game features:

[four major professions] - warrior, mage tutor, demon hunter and summoner, each profession has two major talent systems to choose freely, and eight types let you have a new experience every time.

[changeable adorable pet] - 25 kinds of cute pets are waiting for you to activate. You can freely combine the best lineup, and the play method of awakening variation is changeable.

[alien expedition] - explore alien, unlock new content, challenge alien enemies, and gain huge amount of upgraded materials.

[artifact plus body] - activate the four artifact, wear all kinds of artifact equipment, and end the battle with the force of rolling.

[chaos and chaos] - peak duel, Titan boss, 100 guild members fighting with the screen.

[interactive communication] - add friends and enemies with one click, give each other good gifts, add friendship together, and form team copies to face strong enemies together


"What is the nature of the existence of the world? Why do we exist here? " When the real world and the heterogeneous world are intertwined, the superpowers face the intricate organization, and the visions in the city appear frequently, and gradually reveal the truth behind with courage and wisdom

Urban fantasy MMO mobile game "magic contract", changing personality shape, diversified cultivation strategies, enjoying the blood battle, and experiencing the urban legend of the super power!

[game scenario]

In this world, busy urban life seems ordinary and boring. In fact, a huge disaster is approaching humanity

It is said that there is a race of gifted powers. They master the abilities of magic control, space power, blood control, defense and so on. They are called the saits by historians. In ancient times, Seth human beings fought against each other in pursuit of more powerful power, and Seth almost fell into destruction. But as the world's incredible events come to light, many people suspect that the setes are not dead. They may be walking with us and living in the city

Will the satyr with super power maintain the world's peace or make the world into a nightmare?

From that day on, time and space drifted, chaos and disorder, everything fell into nightmares. In order to save the innocent citizens and the originally ordered and beautiful world, the righteous heroes of Seth can only take up arms to fight against the mysterious monsters and trace the hidden secrets behind the crisis.

[game features]

Will the single competition fall? Club play makes countless little friends your strong backing!

Help Qiling accompany, hand in hand romantic love, cool car, write urban adventure story!

▼ unique PVP experience, crusade against boss to capture the best equipment, and you can't stop fighting!

▼ change your personality shape, develop various strategies, enjoy the battle of blood, and experience the urban legend of the super power!

Rich cultivation system to meet the strategic fun, but also experience the love play, hand in hand write a romantic chapter!

In this highly developed world, you can drive a sports car, have an intelligent optical instrument, assemble external armor, and have Laurie Cheryl with you!


The Scroll of Destiny is a kind of 3D role-playing hand tour with Western magic as its theme background. Create a new scroll magic, let you gallop across the dark continent, fighting the Dark Lord.

Gorgeous skills, diverse systems, special effects, music, models, let you feel the original dark world.

To subvert the world and destiny

Set foot on the road of fate and interpret the new definition of "hero".

Understand the magic of scroll, ride the dark continent

Take the journey and dominate your own destiny


Super Map: 15 characteristic areas, 15 characteristic customs, you can explore freely, unknown journey waiting for you to discover.

Characteristic system: scroll magic, special precepts and blessings, equipped with goddess casting, goddess blessing, build the strongest attributes, resist the enemy and kill the devil to dominate the party.

Wonderful Challenge: Abyss Tower activates the power of the abyss, forges the king's cloak through the mysterious world, the ultimate challenge, 1V1 battle, dare you fight?

More benefits: good gifts every day, good gifts every day to receive; Welfare Hall, there are always surprises waiting for you; Cost-effective, heavy benefits all lie here!


"Don't delete my hero" is a pure three-country strategy card player tour, hang up and upgrade to play BOSS, 24 hours without stopping!

New Three Kingdoms, Alternative Fashion Deduction!

Various ways of playing are endless fun, giving you a vibrant and pleasant experience of the Three Kingdoms!

Lazy mode, easy hang up, upgrade and hit Boss, unified three countries at the same time at work

Q Meng Lovely Three Kingdoms General, Humorous NPC, Restore the True History of the Main Story

Exquisite cartoon rendering, smooth skeleton animation, vivid and lovely characters make people unable to extricate themselves from love

Want to attack the city and crown it as king? Want to kill the enemy and rule the battlefield? Come and open a new generation of the Three Kingdoms that belongs to you!

[Game features]

It's a new version you haven't played with.

One-click draw, SSR God will take home

Devil Three Kingdoms, can't stop at all

The Year of the Pig should be matched with military generals, and the Three Kingdoms should be refreshed for you to play.

Login 3 days to Zhao Yun, 7 days to Lv Bu

SSR card relies on pumping, unloading counts for me to lose


A sword opens a journey of immortal chivalry~

Devils rage, three chaotic boundaries, all waiting for the swordsman to hold swords for heaven's way, demons and demons!

Love collection? Here you can catch foreign animals as mounts and form Lori as a companion.

Be refreshing? Many roles fight with each other, and make a big move in the world.

Want PK? Warm blood seizes BOSS, and many passionate people compete for hegemony. All kinds of play, PK must be a lot.

Easy? Upgrade from hanging up to lying down. Easily hang up without any burden.

Remember to hit Boss to accomplish the daily tasks, so that you can wipe out the demons with furious fighting power!


The swordsman ARPG tours the Swordsman Martial Arts Forest, taking the disputes between the Central Plains and the gods as the background, wandering the young swordsmen to seek the martial arts path, joining the WTO in a dream of a round river and lake, getting to know the blood, appreciating the world's most wonderful treasures, challenging the supremacy of righteousness and evil, and decrypting the power of the gods and the earth. With the confrontation of various forces and the ever-changing situation, who can withstand all kinds of experience and dominate Wulin?

Game features:

1. Touch the heartbeat of the rivers and lakes, experience the fierce struggle between the good and evil, and join the British in running the rivers and lakes. Declassify the plot behind the turbulence in Wulin, which is extremely evil to the enemy and the power of God and Earth.

2. [3D Panoramic Real-time Light and Shadow] Delicate 3D scenes, real-time light and shadows of characters'actions, sparkling water, wild birds and beasts and song, create a visual feast of the world of martial arts in an all-round way.

3. [Rivers and lakes confront the peak of a hundred battles] Rao-Tai competition, sectarian scuffle, cross-service confrontation, challenge BOSS, multi-blood PK game let players release their fighting enthusiasm.

4. [Breakthrough of Shengong Refinement and Chemistry Transfer] Experience the martial arts skills of the sect, more than ten kinds of internalized Qigong, multiple transfers to unlock the new Shengong, strong endless success.

5. Wulin Qibao came on the stage in full. The appearance of the town-dispatched divine soldiers was dazzling and the divine feats were superb.

6. The leopard, wolf, God and animal reappear and fight side by side in various shapes. The soul is filled with sprouting points.

7. [Offline Growth Easy Liver Protection] A new vertical version of the operation experience, farewell to the boring upgrade, offline experience can also be rewarded, easy growth game Jianghu.